July 6th:The Serpentine Summer Party

I’ve added images of Jenna at The Serpentine Summer Party yesterday looking stunning as always! (With a big help from Neide with the images!

New Queen Victoria Promotional Image!

A new promotional image for Queen Victoria has been released online,I’ve added the promo image to our gallery enjoy!

July 5th:Vogue Foundation Gala

Last night Jenna attended the Vogue Foundation Gala in Paris,looking stunning as always. The first batch of pictures has been added to our gallery, but stay tuned as more are likely to be added in the days to come.

June 22:Victoria&Albert Museum Summer Party

I’ve added photos of Jenna arriving to the Victoria&Albert Museum Summer Party and inside,enjoy!

New Victoria Episode Stills!

The first two Episode Stills of Jenna’s new ITV Drama “Queen Victoria” have been released and uploaded to our gallery,enjoy!

June 16:Tate Modern Opening Party

I’ve added photos of Jenna at the Tate Modern Opening Party from last night,enjoy!

New #MeBeforeYou Stills

New Movie stills from Me Before You have just been added to the gallery,enjoy!

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