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British actress Jenna Coleman became famous thanks to her roles in the series ” Emmerdale ” and “Doctor Who”, and soon she will appear in a new BBC project called The Jetty , where she will play the main role of detective Amber . But Coleman is known not only for her film incarnations , but also for her style. The girl often appears on red carpets and fashion shows, and we talked to her about style, career challenges and publicity.


About career challenges

Even now, I understand that it was quite risky to put all my eggs in one basket at an early age, but it was not in vain – I am happy to be where I am now and to move forward. It sounds strange, but I had moments of feeling stage fright. A deeper study and understanding of oneself helps to fight this. It’s as if a block is being removed — and you can become even more open and sincere.

The main thing is that I feel alive while working. I am full of energy on set. You just have to keep moving—riding those waves and doing what inspires you. I want to tell the truth with my work. Recently, I visited the exhibition of Maryna Abramovych, which made a huge impression on me, the artist always speaks about the truth. This is very important in today’s world.

About the role of fashion in life

I wouldn’t say that fashion occupies the main or even a special place in my life, but it is still impossible to argue with its importance. For me, this is an opportunity to explore myself and express my own personality, emotions, and experiment. I also like to admire fashion as art – on the catwalk or in photographs. To me, it’s like theater, but you can touch it.

About your favorite fashion trend

Now I’m crazy about everything silver – silver boots or silver shoes. Some kind of David Bowie phase is starting for me now. I still like to wear oversized striped shirts, big glasses from the 1970s and… lace tights every day. Unexpectedly, who would have thought?

About the film of dreams

If I could choose one film, I would definitely choose “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”, and I would also dream of working on the same set with Elizabeth Taylor, who played the main role there.

About upcoming plans

There are many plans: I want to travel, but not for work, but to study different cultures, I am still trying to learn French, and I also dream of a small haberdashery shop where I will collect antique jewelry boxes.

About the pressure of publicity

In reality, it doesn’t feel like that – there are situations when you are recognized, and that’s fine, but in ordinary life you continue to do the usual things. A lot of attention is usually focused on me during promotions . I recently spent a week at the Venice Film Festival, where it was pure madness and chaos. This can be really alarming. My secret in this situation is to enjoy this crazy energy and then go home and rest. The main thing is to remember what is important to you and what you really want.

About success

Success is a very relative concept for me. First, success is often temporary. Today it is success for us, and tomorrow we set new goals and see success in something new. Sometimes boiling an egg correctly is already a success in that particular second. I also consider it a success to walk away from something knowing that you did your best.

About wishes for yourself

If I could address myself in my youth, I would say just a few words: “Baby, always enjoy the moment, walk carefully, everything will be fine, don’t be afraid to express your thoughts, trust your own instincts, don’t use artificial tan and finally leave your eyebrows in rest”.