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I’ve added HD Screencaptures of Jenna discussing her life after her Character Clara Oswald’s boyfriend Danny Pink’s death to the gallery,Enjoy!:) Gallery Link: Screencaptures>2015>Doctor Who: A Look ahead to Clara’s life after Danny

Brand new episode stills from the new episode of Doctor Who ‘The Magicians Apprentice’ have been added into our Gallery,enjoy! Gallery Links: Doctor Who>Season 9>Episode Stills>9×01 The Magician’s Apprentince

I have added a brand new photoshoot of Jenna and co star Peter Capaldi for Radio Times promoting the new series of Doctor Who into our Gallery, enjoy1

Yesterday Jenna attended a premiere of the first two episodes of the brand new season of Doctor Who followed by a Q&A!Some HD Photos of the event have been added to the gallery,enjoy!:) Public Appearances > 2015 > September 10th:Doctor Who Season 9 Premiere Q&A

BBC America Released a brand new trailer for the new season of Doctor Who! It looks amazing! Sadly if your not in the UK you cant view it but I have been lucky enough to get the video of daily motion!

Question: How are you feeling about this new series? Jenna Coleman: Really excited, a lot of the stories are very self-contained two-parters, it’s a lot more space bound and it’s all about adventures and time travelling. The amazing benefit of doing them, is not only do Read more

The BBC have released a brand new trailer for the first episode of Season 9, It looks amazing! Go check it out!