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I have added Doctor Who season 7 Promotional Pictures to our gallery,It might not be some intrest to you seeing as DoctorWho series 7 was in 2013 but I’m just re gathering new/old images to put them onto the gallery. Gallery Links: Doctor Who > Season Read more

  I’ve added 919 HD(I think) Screencaptures of The Rings Of Ahkaten onto the gallery. I hope you enjoy using them 🙂 Home>Television Productions>Doctor Who>Season 7>Episode Captures>7×07 The Rings Of Akhaten

I have added screencaptures of Jenna’s first ever episode as the companion “Clara Oswald” in Doctor Who season 7 part B. Gallery Links: Television Productions>DoctorWho>Season 7>Episode Screen Captures>The Bells of Saint John  

The season 8 episode “The Caretaker” will be repeated on BBC3(115 on sky) tonight at 7:15