On Jenna Coleman Fans we support Jenna’s freedom, Our site will post latest updates of her from her Career,her appearances such as comic cons and more! We will not post candid’s of Jenna outside walking the streets or having lunch with friends/co workers. We will post filming photos of her career but that does NOT count as candids yes it’s her being out and about but its for her CAREER not her walking about having time to herself.

We are proud fans of Jenna and we respect her freedom away from work, We are proud paparazzi free and Gossip free that you may see fake things about her on the internet from the media that aren’t true. I encourage all webmasters to do this as being photograpphed whilst enjoying her time off might annoy the person your site is on

UPDATE: As of January 2018, by the request of the majority of visitors to the site paparazzi photos will be posted onto the site, we still exercise the right to not post any photos that we deem inappropriate or disrespectful.