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adminFebruary 22, 2015

I’ve added Doctor Who season 8 Promotional Images to our Gallery, I will be adding Episode Stills and more Filming Images and Screencaps through out the next couple of weeks.

C l a r aClarauktv-doctor-who-s08-e09-flatline-11In the Forest of the Night -02
Gallery Links:
Home>Doctor Who>Season 8 (2014)>Promotional Images

adminFebruary 22, 2015

I’ve added 570 screencaps of Jenna in Doctor Who 7×08 onto our gallery! I hope you like them! I will add 7×09 caps throughout the week.:)

 Gallery Links:
Home > Doctor Who > Season 7 > Episode Screen captures > 7×08 Cold War

adminFebruary 22, 2015

I have added 2015 Public Appearances into the Gallery, I have added Jenna appearing at the EE Academy Film Awards and also her appearance at her Boyfriend Richard Madden’s new movie  “Cinderella” at 65th International Film Festival.

img img img img
Gallery Links
Home > Public Appearances > 2015 > Cinderella Premier at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival
Home > Public Appearances > 2015 > EE British Academy Film Awards

adminFebruary 22, 2015

doctor-name-2doctor-who-226-s7e01-asylum-of-the-daleks-dvdbash-091 (2)

I have added Doctor Who season 7 Promotional Pictures to our gallery,It might not be some intrest to you seeing as DoctorWho series 7 was in 2013 but I’m just re gathering new/old images to put them onto the gallery.

Gallery Links:
Doctor Who > Season 7 > Promotional Images> 7×01 Asylum Of The Daleks
Doctor Who > Season 7 > Promotional Images> The Christmas Special- The Snowmen
Doctor Who > Season 7 > Promotional Images>7×06 The Bells Of Saint John
Doctor Who > Season 7 > Promotional Images>7×07 The Rings Of Akhaten
Doctor Who > Season 7 > Promotional Images>7×07 The Rings Of Akhaten
Doctor Who > Season 7 > Promotional Images> 7×08 Cold War
Doctor Who > Season 7 > Promotional Images> 7×09 Hide
Doctor Who > Season 7 > Promotional Images>7×10 Journey To The Center Of The Tardis
Doctor Who > Season 7 > Promotional Images > 7×11 The Crimson Horror
Doctor Who > Season 7 > Promotional Images > 7×12 Nightmare In Silver
Doctor Who > Season 7 > Promotional Images > 7×13 Name Of The Doctor


adminFebruary 21, 2015



I’ve added 919 HD(I think) Screencaptures of The Rings Of Ahkaten onto the gallery. I hope you enjoy using them 🙂
Home>Television Productions>Doctor Who>Season 7>Episode Captures>7×07 The Rings Of Akhaten

adminFebruary 21, 2015

I have added screencaptures of Jenna’s first ever episode as the companion “Clara Oswald” in Doctor Who season 7 part B.

Gallery Links:

Television Productions>DoctorWho>Season 7>Episode Screen Captures>The Bells of Saint John


adminFebruary 20, 2015


The season 8 episode “The Caretaker” will be repeated on BBC3(115 on sky) tonight at 7:15