Jenna as a guest on BBC Radio 2 (September 9)

Jenna as a guest on BBC Radio 2 (September 9)

Jenna was on BBC Radio 2 this morning with Victoria co-star Tom Hughes,I’ve added images of her during the show a photoshoot which was taken during the interview and leaving the studios! Enjoy!

Victoria 1×03-Brocket Hall screencaps

I’ve added screencaps of the latest episode of Victoria “Brocket Hall” my favourite episode yet! Can’t wait for the next episode! Enjoy the caps!

August 31:Jenna on BBC Radio 1

Jenna was featured on BBC Radio 1 yesterday to talk about Victoria, I’ve added photos of her during the interview and leaving BBC Radio 1  to our gallery,enjoy!

Victoria 1×02-“Ladies in Waiting” screencaps

I’ve added screencaps from the second episode of Victoria “Ladies in Waiting” such an incredible episode,enjoy viewing caps!

Victoria episode 4 stills

I’ve added episode stills of Victoria episode 4 to our gallery,enjoy viewing them!

Victoria “1×03:Brocket Hall” stills

I’ve added stills of the upcoming Victoria episode 1×03 Brocket Hall to our gallery,enjoy!

Victoria 1×01-“Dolls 123″screencaps

I’ve added screencaps of the first episode of Victoria,it was amazing! what did you guys think? The ratings were amazing 6.1 of us brits tuned in to watch it! Keep this up,anyway enjoy the screencaps of ” 1×01-Doll 123

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