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adminJuly 9, 2015

Today has been a busy day for Jenna and co stars at Doctor Who! I have gathered Images of Jenna at the SDCC Press room and also a brand new photoshoot of Jenna and Peter with Emojis They look so adorable!


Gallery Link: Photoshoots>2015>#005
Public Appearances>2015>July 9th: SDCC Doctor Who Press Room

adminJuly 9, 2015

I have added a Photo of Jenna and co stars Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez from their photoshoot with Los Angeles Time

Gallery Link:

adminJuly 9, 2015

A fan released this video of Jenna and her co stars Peter Capaldi&Michelle Gomez,they give some insight to what’s to come in the brand new season of Doctor Who and they share some stuff that has made them laugh filming this brand new season!

adminJuly 9, 2015

Jenna and co stars Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez attended the Lego Dimensions Event held in San Diego Comic Con,I have added 20+ Images of Jenna and her co members attending this event into our gallery,I hope you enjoy viewing them.


Gallery Link:
Public Apperances>2015>July 8th:San Diego Lego Dimensons Panel

adminJuly 8, 2015

I have gathered images of Jenna and co-stars Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez,backstage at San Diego Comic Con! Enjoy viewing them!

adminJuly 2, 2015

I’ve found out that Jenna has been in a new photoshoot! She looks amazing as always! We’ve added the 2 photos I’ve found so far and will add more when they are released!

1 2
Gallery Link:

adminJune 28, 2015

Jenna attended the music festival Glastonbuy this weekend, She looked stunning! She was there on friday and saturday according to her Instagram which she posted a picture up on Friday afternoon. I have added 8+ HQ Images of Jenna attending the event into our gallery.

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